Round Tables are local groups of Young Knights and Maids of Errantry that meet regularly to assist each other in the Quest of Knighthood and in keeping the Oath.

Round Tables might meet weekly, every other week, or once a month. They might meet year round or only during the summer or at other pre-determined seasons. Every Round Table shall have one or more adult leaders (over the age of 18). Parents are encouraged to attend meetings with the Young Knights and to assist them in their quests.

Young Knights should elect a Grand Knight (president), Chancellor (Vice President), Messenger (Secretary) and Questor (Treasurer).

A suggested format for a Round Table is as follows:

Call to order by the Grand Knight.
Recitation of the Oath.
Reading of the minutes of previous gathering (Messenger)
Collection of dues and report on monies (Questor)
Old Business called for by Grand Knight
New Business called for by Grand Knight
Prayer adapted from Ignatius of Loyola ("Lord, teach me to be generous, etc." as on home page of

The activity should be chosen in advance by the Young Knights and Maids in consultation with their adult leaders and should involve a way to make the world a better place. Following the activity, the Young Knights may wish to partake of refreshments.




A page, squire, or Young Knight of Mater Dei might begin a Round Table by first finding a friend or two who is also interested in becoming a Young Knight or Maid of Errantry. The two or more young people should then approach a trusted adult with a request to assist them in forming the Round Table.

Or an adult may begin a Round Table for his or her child, grandchild, or neighbor and their friends.

Adult leaders shall be honored automatically as Knights Errant.

Only Round Tables who register with the Knights of Errantry (520 Oliphant Lane, Middletown RI 02842) will be recognized as being part of the Young Knights of Errantry. All adults must pass a background check before being commissioned as leaders.

Each Round Table's existence shall be acknowledged by the reception of a charter attesting to its creation.



Every member of the Round Table will receive the following materials. These will be mailed at no cost to those requesting them.

A Knight Errant Wallet Card
A Pamphlet Explaining the Young Knights of Errantry



Name of Round Table

First Name

Middle Name

Last Name

Address Line 1

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Zip Code


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E-mail Address

Round Table Meeting Schedule

Round Table Meeting Location


I am a Hereditary Knight Templar of Britannia, and have been looking for a training outline for my young nephews and nieces. Your Order fits my expectations perfectly!  -- J B R, Texas, USA




Lord, I will serve as a True and Chivalric Knight. By the power of Your Grace, I will defend the right to life for all people, born and unborn, help and protect the innocent who are violated, abused, and neglected, aid those in distress and despair, and comfort the afflicted.

EL DAR ES HONOR! (To Give Is Honor!)