Sample of Completed Personal Crest


When the Young Knight or Maid of Errantry turns eighteen, he or she qualifies to become a Knight Errant. In preparation for the Ceremony of Knighthood, the Young Knight or Maid shall design a personal crest.

The basic design of the crest shall be a shield divided into four fields by a cross. The cross reminds the Young Knight of the self-sacrificial offering of Christ which the Knight is called to exemplify. 

The upper left field shall be white to symbolize purity and honor. With the assistance of the Grand Knight and others on the governing Council, the Young Knight shall select a virtue which best exemplifies his or her life. This virtue shall be portrayed symbolically in the upper left field of the crest.

The upper right field of the crest shall be red to symbolize the power of the Holy Spirit and the sacrificial offering of Christ. With the assistance of the Grand Knight, and following a brief prayer for guidance from the Holy Spirit, the Young Knight or Maid shall pick a virtue at random from a collection of virtues printed on slips of paper and placed in a box. The virtue selected shall be the one which the Young Knight must develop, with the grace of the Holy Spirit. This virtue shall be depicted symbolically in the upper right field of the crest.

The two lower fields of the crest may be colored as the Young Knight wishes and may illustrate whatever other virtues or goals the Young Knight or Maid deems suitable. The crest and its symbolism shall be approved by the Grand Knight and the Council before the Young Knight shall execute it.

The crest may be executed in any manner, including painted on a shield, embroidered as a patch, painted on canvas, stitched, carved, fired as a ceramic piece, or any other way. The Young Knight should execute as much of this crest as possible, within his or her own personal skill level. 

The personal crest shall be presented to the newly dubbed Knight Errant as part of the Ceremony of Knighthood. 


In heraldry, color is significant. Young Knights should be aware of this tradition in designing their personal crest. The traditional symbolism of various colors is as follows:

Yellow, Gold--generosity
White--peace, security
Sable, Black--constancy, sometimes grief
Azure, Blue--loyalty, truth
Red--military, fortitude, magnanimity
Vert, Green--hope, joy, sometimes loyalty in love
Purple--royal majesty, sovereignty, justice
Tenne, Tawney--worthy ambition
Murray, Sanguine--not hasty in battle and yet victor



Below are pictured six sample templates for personal crests. Each could be modified and then completed to personally represent the Young Knight who is about to become a Knight Errant. Other designs could be drawn.

The uniformity between all of the crests of the Knights Errant is a shield divided into four quadrants by a cross, with the two upper fields colored white and red as shown. 

The individuality of each Knight Errant becomes apparent as he or she completes the crest in his or her own way. 


Shown is another completed personal crest which will serve as an example of the many ways crests can be designed as does the crest at the top of the page. May the Holy Spirit guide you in designing your own personal crest!