Knights of old searched for the Holy Grail, the cup which Jesus used at the Last Supper.

Young Knights and Maids of Errantry search for what the cup symbolized--self-less giving, self-sacrifice, and love of God and neighbor.

They are encouraged to seek out, in their own communities, those individuals who promote the objectives of the Knights' Oath and to honor those individuals in some way.

They are also encouraged to seek out models in history who exemplified the best of the virtues which the Knights seek. Some examples of individuals to research are:

Joan of Arc
Francis of Assisi
Ignatius of Loyola
William Wilberforce
Corrie Ten Boom
Pier Giorgio Frassati
Harriet Tubman
Clara Barton
Dorothy Day
Martin Luther King
Susan B. Anthony
Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Raoul Wallenberg
Peter Claver
Frederick Douglass
Dr. Jerome Lejeune
Sojourner Truth
Henry Hyde
Dr. Tom Dooley

These are only a few examples. Many others exemplified the qualities that Knights of Errantry represent.



Lord, I will serve as a True and Chivalric Knight. By the power of Your Grace, I will defend the right to life for all people, born and unborn, help and protect the innocent who are violated, abused, and neglected, aid those in distress and despair, and comfort the afflicted.

EL DAR ES HONOR! (To Give Is Honor!)